Project Description

The ‘Guardian of the Angel’ (referring to the Angel Falls in Venezuela) is the central theme of this piece that uses different fragments that capture the sound of water in the area; thus being the generator of the general concept of the piece. The mixed base orchestration (electronic with natural sounds) and with electronic sonorities has been presented in various formats previously by Miguel Noya. The current version that we will hear at LACW 2020 includes interventions by Carlos Conde (music) and Enrique Rincón (music and visuals). Through the use of real Venezuelan indigenous instruments, some processed by Carlos Conde; and with Enrique Rincon adding Afro-Venezuelan percussion sometimes played like drums, he infuses the piece with a higher level of human expression and more clearly expresses one of the artistic goals that Etnoe3 has pursued since its foundation in 2014.

Available all day long from December 5 – 21