Project Description

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Thursday, November 18

Launching Time 
7:30 pm New York Time


As its name indicates, Complicidad (Complicity) does not imply the synthesis of two diverse but related disciplines, but rather the poetic gesture that arises from the encounter between the two. A dialectic that, based on the investigation of language and movement, supposes the link between the parts without any of them being denatured. Born of invention and experiment, the virtuosity of Complicidad offers a new body inhabited by multiple spirits. A montage in which a visual and sound story unfolds; as a canvas where the presence of mixed techniques that animate the total composition, does not prevent the pure and essential notes of each of the parts that make it up.

The Cast:

Juan de Juan – Flamenco Dancer
Pilar Alvarez –Tango Dancer
Claudio Hoffmann-Tango Dancer
Pablo Mainetti-Bandoneón
Cesar Angeleri-Guitar
Inma “La Carbonera”-Voice

Directorate General – Claudio Hoffmann
Choreography – Pilar Alvarez, Claudio Hoffmann, Amador Rojas
Music Arrangements – Marcelo Mercadante, Juan Esteban Cuacci
Technical Direction and lighting– Oscar Vazquez Sanchez
Sound Engineer – Diego Rial Mosquera

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