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About Black is Beautiful
The first official release of Folklore Urbano NYC’s newest production (El Barrio Project-SALSA), “Black is Beautiful”, bridges continents and cultures, conveying a message of unity as a catalyst for healing and change. Pablo Mayor blends the Afro-Cuban Cha-cha-chá and Beninese “Tchinkoume,” featuring the Folklore Urbano Orchestra and Parisian vocalist Laurent Hounsavi, originally from Benin, West Africa, creating a musical bridge uniting different sounds and different people.
El Barrio Project-SALSA, the fourth production of Folklore Urbano NYC, in collaboration with songwriter and Co- Executive Producer Nick Chavarria, is the vision of Pablo Mayor, the artistic director of Folklore Urbano NYC, continuing his quest for #GlobalMusicToUnify.

About El Barrio Project-SALSA
Folklore Urbano NYC’s latest album “El Barrio Project-SALSA” takes its powerhouse band into the heart of the historic birthplace of salsa: Spanish Harlem and the Bronx, featuring Pablo Mayor’s renowned arrangements and collaborative work with songwriters Nick Chavarria (Co-Executive Producer), and an icon of the historic era of NYC salsa Cruz “Chino” Melao. This is global salsa, Folklore Urbano’s most danceable album yet, crossing continents and cultures, blending sounds from West Africa, Puerto Rica, Cuba, and NYC.

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Available all day long from December 5 – 12

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