Project Description

The concert is a journey through her songs, on piano and voice, with a deep and fresh original and modern sound from the composer’s work. Unpublished songs created in times of isolation, given the need to celebrate the daily routine of the pre-pandemic encounter. “Cielo y Serenata”, a tribute to the Peruvian composer Chabuca Granda and other songs from her three albums: “Del Otro Lado”, “Sabe el Viento”, “Cerro”, “Friday from Salamanca”, “Fluye”. Ana paints with her music, her Latin American roots and the actuality of her being a woman in the present, the ancestral and contemporary, with the strength of her message: she looks sharp and is restless but speaks fresh, she looks inside herself and says things openly, with art, with great grace and consistency. Recorded at Estudio Desdemona, Córdoba, Argentina. Recording and mastering: Martín and Sebastián Bergallo.

Audiovisual recording, photography, and editing: Koki Schroeder. Management Susana Guzmán.

Available all day long from December 5 – 21