Project Description

Live concerts that took place during the pandemic, as well as a pre-pandemic video. Most of the concerts are in Trio and Quartet format. Annette A. Aguilar & StringBeans continue their work at the Women in Latin Jazz Festival, which will present Brazilian Latin Jazz with Annette A. Aguilar and StringBean’s and will feature Mujeres Musicas (Women Musicians), in addition to continuing the presence of the group’s diversity in gender and age. We want to thank Latin American Culture Week for continuing their work and having a presentation this year! We all know it has been a challenge. Annette A. Aguilar & StringBeans would like to thank the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, Hostos Center for the Performing Arts, the Northern Manhattan Arts Alliance, and the Jazz Foundation for their support with these concerts and live videos.

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Available all day long from December 5 – 21